About us

Founded in 1993 by the late David G. Fred, Masterplan Charters is one of the countries leading architects firms. We are responsible for some of the UK's most extravagent homes and peices of architectual design.

Down to the details

Our Begining

As previously mentioned we were founded by Mr. Fred in 1993, Mr. Fred had been an architect all his life and dreamed of starting his own firm. After the lay-offs at his current work David took the opportunity and launched MPC. His innovation and radical thinking sky-rocketed the new firm to dizzy heights. Within a year the company was more than profitable and landing big clients. It was certainly a good move on Davids part...

Current Status

As of 2013, MPC employes over 100 people. With roughly 60% of those being amazing architects and designers. All our staff have at least 4 years training and majority have earned their Masters degree. Our current big projects include an 8 bed estate in Chelsea and a 70ft water feature for the center of Glasgow.Much of our work is completed in conjunction and with the assistance of Allstar joinery who we regularly contract for joinery and carpentry work for bespoke staircases.

Future goals

In the future we hope to have grown the company further, with lots of new and talented faces about the office. There is talk of the firm going public also, so be ready to buy your part in our ever growing and wolrd renowned firm. If you're interested in joining our team, we are always looking for more people, providing you have what it takes or at least the determination to develop it. Please do get in touch.

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